Oil color is an important medium. Tints and dyes used in oil paints are often derived from natural elements. If painted on a properly prepared surface, oil paintings can last through centuries. Oil colors are painted on canvas or linen, wood, plaster, concrete, metal or on almost any surface. Oil painting has as wide a range of effects as artist and subject demand. There can be strength with delicacy in portraiture, as in my portraits “Paloma Picasso in a Volbracht Gown” and “Earl Mountbatten”. For a heavy application of paint on canvas I favored a palate knife rather than brush in “City of Industry, Tampa, Florida”. In “Gig at Jax Bar and Grill” I used a wide brush and heavy impasto. For certain flower paintings as “Yellow Tulips” I preferred a clear yet strong wash in greens and yellows and this technique was also effective for the sheer and delicate crystal vase.